Notice for Online Booking

Information for Online Ticket Purchase

Book online

Which airlines and flights can be booked online?
  • Air France flights departing from Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo), France and other cities

What types of itineraries can be booked online?
  • Simple one-way / round trip
  • Round trip including open-jaw / stopover
  • If your destination is not listed on the menu, choose "other destination" at the bottom of the menu and press "continue" to proceed to the next step.

Who can use online booking of this web site?
  • People who can be contacted via email.
  • Reservations for children under 12 unaccompanied by an adult (18 or older) cannot be made online. If you wish to book a flight for children without any adults, please call one of our call centers listed below.
  • Our online system cannot handle specific requests for people who need special assistance at the airport (such as those traveling on a wheelchair or with a pet). Please contact one of our call centers listed below:
    Tokyo: 03-3570-8577
    Osaka: 06-6641-1271
    Nagoya: 052-551-4141

For how many people can I make a reservation online?
  • Up to 8 passengers per transaction. If you are making a reservation for 4 or more persons, click on "option" in the Quick Booking menu to go to the next step.

How early can I book flights in advance?
  • You can book flights as early as 10 months to 5 days prior to your departure date (this is applicable only to flights that are eligible for electronic ticketing).
  • Flights that are not eligible for electronic ticketing can be reserved up to 5 days prior to departure date.

Entering your information for the record
  • Enter your name with the same spelling as in your passport.
  • Make sure to choose the correct gender (Mr. or Ms.) and enter your name in exact spelling, as reservations made erroneously will be refused at airport.
  • In your passenger details, enter a phone number in Japan where you can be reached on weekdays daytime.
  • Please note that mobile-phone email addresses, as well as some free email services, cannot be used for online booking.
  • Some flights, once booked/ticketed, cannot be cancelled or are subject to a cancellation fee. Double check your selections and other information before confirming your flights.

Your booking details
  • When your booking is completed, detailed information of your reservation in English will be sent automatically to your email address.
  • If you do not receive auto-reply emails from us, or have any questions, please call our online support desk.

    Online support desk
    Tokyo: 03-3570-8577
    Osaka: 06:6641-1271
    Nagoya: 052-551-4141
    (9:00-18:00 except for Sat. and Sun.)

Method of payment

Method of payment

  • We accept payment by credit card only (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, or American Express).
  • Credit card payment cannot be accepted if your fare exceeds the credit balance of your credit card account. Please check your balance before making a booking.
  • You may book without inputting your Credit card details and "put it on hold" for 24hours. Please access to "Manage your Bookings" within 24 hours to finalize your booking.
  • MCO (Miscellaneous Change Order) and DBC (Denied Boarding Compensation) vouchers cannot be applied toward purchasing tickets online. If you wish to use your voucher, please contact our call center.

Quotation and receipt

  • We will not issue you a quote, receipt, or other details of your booking made online in a print form. You will instead receive an email confirmation of your booking, which shows your total cost including tax.

Ticketing / ticket delivery


  • Ticket is issued immediately when you confirm a booking.
  • In some rare cases, tickets reserved on weekends and holidays will be issued on the following working day.
  • There will be due dates for advanced purchase, depending on flight tickets. If these tickets are purchased right before the due date, they will be issued 24 hours before the flight, prioritizing the regulation.
  • Paper tickets will be issued for flights that are not eligible for electronic ticketing, or for passengers who travel with children under 2 years of age with a non-refundable charge of 5,000 yen per ticket plus delivery fees.
  • You cannot pick up your ticket at our ticketing counter.
  • You can purchase your ticket (excluding paper ticket) online until 1 day prior to departure date.
  • Ticket is issued immediately when you confirm a booking, and the fare is charged on your credit card at the same time.
  • Some restrictions apply to the modification and cancellation of bookings made online. Please check your booking details carefully before confirming a booking.
  • Two emails ("Air France Booking Confirmed" and "Air France Electronic Ticketing") will be sent to your registered email address.
  • If you receive only one email titled "Air France Booking Confirmed," it indicates that you have made a booking but we were unable to issue you a ticket for some reasons, such as invalid credit card transaction as described below. Please contact as soon as possible our online support desk for clarification.
  • In case your payment was not approved by your credit card company, we will contact you by telephone or email. Please provide us your daytime phone number also on the passenger information page.
  • You can check vacant seats, airfares, and other information and compare different options online before making a final decision. You will not be charged or sent a ticket until you confirm your booking.

Ticket delivery

  • E-ticket
  • Delivery of paper ticket by courier service (only for flight that are not eligible for electronic ticketing).

Choose your preference

Choosing your seat

  • You can choose your seat while making a booking online.
  • You can also specify your seat during internet check in.
  • Please note that you may not be able to select some seats, such as those by the emergency doors, seats that are reserved for passengers with small children, and front seats of each cabin.
Special dietary request (excluding some flights)

  • You can choose your meal option while making a booking online.
  • If you wish to specify your meal option after confirming a booking, please contact our online support desk at least 48 hours prior to your departure date.

Cancel booking

Cancel your booking & receiving refund

  • You cannot cancel a booking online that has already been confirmed. Please call our online support desk at 03-3570-8577 for cancellation of your booking.
  • Cancellation of a booking is subject to the fare conditions of your ticket. Please read the "General conditions of sales" of this web site or "pricing conditions" applicable to your ticket before confirming your booking.
  • If you are entitled to a refund, an amount equal to the fare paid, less applicable service charges or cancellation fees, will be paid back to the same credit card account that you have used to purchase your ticket. Please note that it usually takes around two months before the refund shows up on your credit card statement.

Special discount fare/mileage upgrade

Special discount fares

  • Special discount fares with higher discount rates may be offered for passengers aged between 12 – 24 while traveling. To take this advantage, you will need to present your passport or other official proof of your age.
Discount fares for couples and families

  • If you are traveling with your spouse or other family members living with you, special family discount may be applied to your flight departing from Paris depending on the number of vacant seats left on that flight. To take this advantage, you will need to present an official document to prove your residential address and/or relation(s) to your travel companion(s).
Award upgrades using earned Flying Blue mileage

  • When booking a flight online, you can only upgrade your travel class from Business (booking code "D" or "C") to First Class, but not from Economy to higher classes.

Connecting to / from domestic flight

Connecting to / from domestic flights

  • If your departure / return flights are connected to domestic flights in Japan, you will need to claim your baggage at your departure / arrival airport of your international flights in Japan (Narita, Osaka, or Nagoya) and recheck in to get onto your connecting flight.
    Code-share flights in Japan are operated by Japan Airlines through their equipment, flight attendants, and in-flight services.

Contact us

For assistance about Air France online bookings please call our Online Support Desk:

  • TEL:
    Tokyo: 03-3570-8577
    Osaka: 06-6641-1271
    Nagoya: 052-551-4141

    Opening hours :
    9:00 - 18:00 (Mon.-Fri.)
    9:00 - 17:30 (Sat) * From 11 May, 2013
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