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COVID- Testing at Paris Airports

As of 9 November 2020, passengers departing from Paris-ORY and Paris-CDG can perform an antigenic or RT-PCR test in one of the Cerballiance laboratories in town or at the airport screening centres. At the airport, passengers will get the result within 48 hours after an RT-PCR test is taken and within one to two hours for an antigenic test. To be tested, passengers must have a ticket and must make an appointment through doctolib . It is your responsibility to meet the entry requirements and to bring the correct travel documents with you, including a Covid-19 test if your destination requires it. To check the requirements of the country of arrival, you can consult the websites Traveldoc, Paris.Aé and France gouvernement.


On Narita route, currently Boeing 777-300 fleets are operated, equipped with you Air France’s latest cabin in Business as well as La Première(First class).

This latest Business cabin guarantees you comfort and well-being throughout your flight. Your personal space serves as an office, restaurant, entertainment lounge and bedroom. Our Business seat characterizes our vision of travel: A full-flat bed, direct aisle access for each passenger, and multi-purpose area (desk, restaurant table, bed) with full privacy.

In the La Première cabin, enjoy the privacy and comfort of our 4 private suites. In your private suite, you can sleep soundly in comfortable upright seat, which transforms into a bed measuring 2 m / 6.5 ft in length and 77 cm / 30 in in width.


From 1st of September foreign nationals residing in Japan with the status of resident will be able to leave and re-enter Japan. Per 1st of November it is not needed anymore to request by e-mail the “Receipt for Request of Re-entry”. Also there are changes to the re-entry procedures for short-term (7-days) business travelers. Before leaving Japan, please read carefully the re-entry information & re-entry procedures for short-term business travelers from the Japanese authorities.


Air France is offering a special fare to European cities in Economy, Premium Economy and Business. The fare is applicable for departure until 15 December, 2020 and is sold until the day.

Changes of the check-in counter at the Kansai International Airport

The Kansai International Airport South Wing, currently in operation, will be closed on September 23, 2020 for expansion work and will be replaced by the North Wing. In accordance with this change, the check-in counter for AIR FRANCE flights will be changed as follows.

Air France check-in counter
(Current) Island E -> (New)  Island D (From September 23)

Covid-19 test prior to departure to Japan

One of the requirements for re-entry is having a negative Covid-19 test certificate issued within 72-hrs prior to departure to Japan. In order to help you carry out a Covid-19 test, Air France has set up partnerships with the Synlab and BioGroup laboratories. Please refer for more information on below website:

Transportation from NRT/KIX airport back home

Upon arrival in Japan, please take into account that it is not allowed to take any form of public transportation (including regular taxi). Usage of own car (airport parking or valet) is allowed or pick-up arrangements (e.g. private hired taxi service) needs to be made in advance. Please refer to below websites:

Temporary change of Call Center
operating hours from April 8th, 2020

Operating hours from April 8th, 2020

9:00 - 18:00 (Mon.-Fri.)
9:00 - 17:00 (Sat. - Sun.)

TEL: 03-6634-4983 

We apologize for the inconveniences. Thank you for your understandings.

Flight Information

WINTER 2020 (25 OCT, 2020 ~ 27 MAR, 2021)

Updated on 20 November, 2020

【Operated flight】
  • From Tokyo-Narita to Paris : 3 fights per week (Tue, Fri, Sun)
    AF275 : departure from Tokyo-Narita 10:55, arrival at Paris-CDG 15:45
    From Paris to Tokyo-Narita : 3 flights per week (Mon, Thu, Sat)
    AF276 : departure from Paris-CDG 13:10, arrival at Tokyo-Narita 09:10 next day
  • From Tokyo-Haneda to Paris : 3 flights per week (Mon, Thu, Sat) between 17th December, 2020 and 9th January, 2021.
    AF293 : departure from Tokyo-Haneda 23:50, arrival at Paris-CDG 04:50 next day
    From Paris to Tokyo-Haneda : 3 flights per week (Wed, Fri, Sun) between 16th December, 2020 and 8th January, 2021.
    AF274 : departure from Paris-CDG 23:20, arrival at Tokyo-Haneda 19:25 next day

  • From Osaka-Kansai to Paris : 2 flights per week (Tue, Sun)Before 5th December, 2020AF291 : departure from Osaka-Kansai 10:25, arrival at Paris-CDG 15:05 After 6th December, 2020 AF291 : departure from Osaka-Kansai 23:50, arrival at Paris-CDG 04:30 next day
    From Paris to Osaka-Kansai : 2 flights per week (Thu, Sat) On/Before 28th November, 2020 AF292 : departure from Paris-CDG 13:10, arrival at Osaka-Kansai 08:55 next day On/After 03rd  December, 2020 AF292 : departure from Paris-CDG 22:00, arrival at Osaka-Kansai 17:45 next day

【Cancelled flights】
  • AF291 Osaka-Kansai -> Paris : 26DEC 2020/ 02JAN, 09JAN 2021
    AF292 Paris -> Osaka-Kansai : 22DEC, 29DEC 2020/ 05JAN 2021

This schedule is subject to change.

Temporary opening Narita Travelounge

Due to the closure of our regular Business Class lounge “NARITA PREMIER LOUNGE”, we temporarily offer eligible customer from the 4th of September access to the “Narita Travelounge”. This lounge is located in Terminal 1 next to gate 26. Eligible customers can enjoy one free choice of alcohol or a dessert. Our regular lounge is closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your kind understanding.

Temporary closure of KIX Airside Lounge

From 9th April 2020, Business class lounge " KIX Airside Lounge" at Kansai International Airport is temporarily closed until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your kind understanding.

Rename of Haneda Airport International Terminal

As from 14th March at 0:00am, the international terminal at Haneda airport in Tokyo will be renamed Terminal 3. Please make sure to come to Terminal 3 for all Air France operated flights.

Prohibited items in cabin and checked baggage

To ensure the safety, Air France KLM no longer accepts any lithium battery operated self-balancing devices or personal movement devices, such as hoverboards, airboards, oxboards, e-skates, waveboards, u-runners, on board its aircraft. These items are prohibited as both carry-on and checked baggage.


French administration has recently advised that the APIS programme, dedicated to collecting mandatory passenger data, will be implemented for travel to/from France as of 10 Apr ‘15.
This will apply on AF operating flights between France and destinations outside Europe (from/to). French Overseas Territories and Departments (DOM/TOM) outside of Europe are therefore included in scope. (National ID card could replace the passport on some trips between France metropolitan and DOM/TOM).  

Required individual data is: Name, First name, Gender, Birth date, Citizenship, Passport number, Passport expiration date, Passport country of issuance.

Fees and surcharges

Fuel surcharge

Please see below regarding the fuel surcharge for tickets issued in Japan.

Transfer surcharge

For all Air France air tickets issued in Japan, a transfer surcharge is added to the base fare including a component,
Japan to Amsterdam vice versa , when the itinerary includes a transfer/transfers.
This surcharge is applicable to all Air France air fares departing Japan. The amount is 200 JPY per fare component.
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