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Special one-way fare for returning to France/Europe

In the context of the international COVID19 crisis, and the upcoming massive reduction of flight schedule on the Japan-Europe routes, Air France is offering a special fare to French and European citizens and residents who are travelling abroad and wish to go back to Europe.
This fare is available on our Internet website
It is reminded that only nationals and residents of the European Union, the Schengen Area and United Kingdom, and their family members, are allowed to travel to France.

Air France will do its utmost to assist its customers and French and European citizens in this difficult period, and Air France teams are fully committed.

Flight Information


Update on 30 March 2020

Due to increasing travel restrictions, and faced with a sharp decline in demand, we will be reducing our flight capacity by up to 90% over the next few days. This capacity reduction is currently planned to last 2 months. We are continuously monitoring the situation to adjust our services in real time.

Please see below for the change of Japan route flights as from 29th March, until 26 April, 2020. (as of 30 March 2020, subject to change)

Flight schedule adjustment

(From Paris 28 March - 
5 April / From Japan 29 March - 26 April)

[Operated flights]
  • From Tokyo-Narita to Paris: 3 flights per week (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday)
    AF275 (departure from Narita 10:35, arrival at Paris CDG 16:10)
    29MAR, 31MAR, 03APR, 05APR, 07APR, 09APR, 11APR, 14APR, 17APR, 19APR, 21APR, 24APR, 26APR

  • From Paris to Tokyo-Narita: 3 flights per week (Monday/Thursday/Saturday)
    AF276 (departure from Paris CDG 13:25, arrival at Narita 08:25 next day)
   28MAR, 30MAR, 02APR, 04APR, 06APR, 08APR, 10APR, 13APR, 16APR, 18APR, 20APR, 23APR, 25APR

[Cancelled flights]

  • Tokyo-Haneda <=> Paris (all flights)
    ・ AF163 (departure from Haneda 09:10, arrival at Paris CDG 14:45)
    ・ AF279 (departure from Haneda 14:20, arrival at Paris CDG 19:45)
    ・ AF293 (departure from Haneda 22:55, arrival at Paris CDG 04:35 next day)
    ・ AF162 (departure from Paris CDG 10:50, arrival at Haneda 05:55 next day)
    ・ AF272 (departure from Paris CDG 17:10, arrival at Haneda 12:10 next day)
    ・ AF274 (departure from Paris CDG 23:25, arrival at Haneda 18:30 next day)
  • Tokyo-Narita <=> Paris (all flights except for operated flights above)
    ・ AF275 (departure from Narita 10:35, arrival at Paris CDG 16:10)
    ・ AF276 (departure from Paris CDG 13:25, arrival at Narita 08:25 next day)
  • Osaka-Kansai<=> Paris (all flights)
    ・ AF291 (departure from Osaka 10:20, arrival at Paris CDG 15:55
    ・ AF292 (departure from Paris CDG 13:45, arrival at Osaka 08:35 next day)

These are subject to change, so please consult Flight Status before you plan travelling

Rename of Haneda Airport International Terminal

As from 14th March at 0:00am, the international terminal at Haneda airport in Tokyo will be renamed Terminal 3. Please make sure to come to Terminal 3 for all Air France operated flights.


Select your flight from Tokyo (Haneda or Narita) or Osaka to Paris, in accordance with your schedule or preference !

Change of lounge at Narita Airport

As from 1st of November 2018, lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport for our passengers who are entitled to use will be changed from "DELTA SKYCLUB" at Terminal 1 Satellite 2 Level 4F to "NARITA PREMIER LOUNGE" at Terminal 1 Satellite 1 Level 4F.

Prohibited items in cabin and checked baggage

To ensure the safety, Air France KLM no longer accepts any lithium battery operated self-balancing devices or personal movement devices, such as hoverboards, airboards, oxboards, e-skates, waveboards, u-runners, on board its aircraft. These items are prohibited as both carry-on and checked baggage.

New baggage policy in Economy class cabin

Baggage allowance in Economy Class has been changed to 2 pieces of baggage (instead of 1), with a maximum weight of 23 kg each on Air France flights departing from Japan.


French administration has recently advised that the APIS programme, dedicated to collecting mandatory passenger data, will be implemented for travel to/from France as of 10 Apr ‘15.
This will apply on AF operating flights between France and destinations outside Europe (from/to). French Overseas Territories and Departments (DOM/TOM) outside of Europe are therefore included in scope. (National ID card could replace the passport on some trips between France metropolitan and DOM/TOM).  

Required individual data is: Name, First name, Gender, Birth date, Citizenship, Passport number, Passport expiration date, Passport country of issuance.

Fees and surcharges

Fuel surcharge

Please see below regarding the fuel surcharge for tickets issued in Japan.

Transfer surcharge

For all Air France air tickets issued in Japan, a transfer surcharge is added to the base fare including a component,
Japan to Amsterdam vice versa , when the itinerary includes a transfer/transfers.
This surcharge is applicable to all Air France air fares departing Japan. The amount is 200 JPY per fare component.
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