Fuel Surcharge

Fuel surcharge for tickets issued in Japan on/after 1st February, 2020

Updated: 23rd December, 2019

Click here for the Fuel Surcharge Information until 31st January, 2020.

Applicable fuel surcharge to tickets issued in Japan on/after Feburary 1st, 2020

  • Japan - Paris route: 10,300 JPY
  • within Europe: 2,500 JPY

*From Japan to South America, 30,700 JPY per one way (including insurance surcharge) as an exception.

Terms of application / Applicable fares

Fares: Above fuel surcharge is applied, per passenger and per flight, to all types of Air France airfares, for tickets issued in Japan.
Except: Infant fare for under 2 years old not using a seat, and Flying Blue Award tickets.
Payment: Fuel surcharge is added to the insurance surcharge (500JPY per passenger and per flight).

Fuel surcharge revision

The price is based on the Kerosene-Jet fuel Singapore price. When the most recent two-month average of Kerosene-Jet fuel Singapore price is lower than prices listed in the following table, we will apply for the approval to the related Governments and revise fuel surcharge as below, for ticket issued from the month after the next.

Kerosene-Jet fuel Singapore price(1 barrel)
Fuel surcharge for flights
from Japanese airports

under 15,000 JPY

31,800 JPY

under 14,000 JPY

28,800 JPY

under 13,000 JPY

24,800 JPY

under 12,000 JPY

20,800 JPY

under 11,000 JPY

17,300 JPY

under 10,000 JPY

13,800 JPY

under 9,000 JPY

10,300 JPY

under 8,000 JPY

6,800 JPY

under 7,000 JPY

3,300 JPY

under 6,000 JPY


Fuel Surcharge
effective from
Revision in
Based on
two months average in

February 1st



April 1st



June 1st



August 1st



October 1st



December 1st



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