Zööba, a blend of cool and authentic

traditional - terrace
Zööba, a blend of cool and authentic

In the heart of Zamalek, Zööba boasts authenticity and good taste. A twofold objective achieved, hands down.

Behind a large bay window overlooking palm trees, Zööba invites you for a special moment of relaxation. Here everything inspires easy living: blue mosaic floors, a table d'hôtes in the centre, a small lively terrace when the weather permits – which is often –, a wooden bar and the charm of the old shanty suburb of Zamalek.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner: Zööba is an upscale, trendy and welcoming canteen where hip Cairenes come to eat authentic quality food on the go.

Try the koshari, a mix of rice, macaroni and lentils or nibble on falafels, along with a mango juice, before ending on a high note with a creamy rice pudding. The products cooked are carefully selected and the team advocates transparency, to proudly represent Egyptian street food.

114, 26th of July Corridor
Al Gabalayah

+20 127 480 0551


Menu: around 100 EGP