ZO, the avant-garde of contemporary culture

contemporary art
ZO, the avant-garde of contemporary culture

A former sulphate factory turned into Contemporary Art centre: in Catania, the past is not all that matters!

Distribution, support, promotion… ZO has shaped up to be the place of cultural expression and production in Sicily. In the Green Room (the amphitheatre) or the Grey Room (which displays a cosier atmosphere), the concerts, shows, exhibitions, conferences and performances keep coming.
As a stronghold of multidisciplinary creation, this 1,600 square-meter space has shown to be quite proactive. With the support of Catania's city hall, it has created artists-in-residence programs that attract crowds, as students come and meet professionals while others partake in multimedia workshops. Lured in by the rich bimonthly program, visitors gather regularly for festivals, plays or even just to visit the bookshop. If you care to take a break at the cafeteria (located in the former sulphate production unit site), you can still make out the original bricks used for its construction, as they have been discovered during renovation work. ZO's energy is catchy. Experience it too!

Piazzale Asia, 6
95129 Catania

+39 095 816 8912