Zahida, maternal cuisine from the Pendjab

Zahida, maternal cuisine from the Pendjab

Far from Nordic standards, explore other horizons at Zahida, a Pakistani restaurant where welcoming patrons is an art in itself.

For Shane and Bobby Affridi, Zahida is first and foremost their own mother. She who prepared for them, on a daily basis, all kinds of traditional recipes from the Pendjab region of Pakistan, where she is from. She used to carefully choose ingredients one by one at the market. And each day, it would seem she created a new dish. Today, the two brothers define the restaurant as a tribute to “Mamī“, and by extension to all mothers across the globe. There, they re-enact all habits and gestures they watched during childhood in order to prepare the best gastronomy you will find from South Asia. Highlighting ethical, local and quality products, Shane and Bobby Affridi conceive authentic recipes, with meat or vegetarian options. For starters, Pakistani samosas will take you to a faraway place with their potato, green pea, mint and tamarind stuffing. Keep on with a Makhni Chana, a chickpea-based traditional dish with tomatoes, butter and creamy sauce served with rice and a garlic naan. Alternately, choose the masala lamb shanks like no other. End the meal on a light touch with a pistachio ice cream. You will definitely feel like a guest at a family meal…

Rømersgade 20
1362 København K

+45 52 24 03 66

Menu: around 230 DKK