Yoga on Playa Hermosa

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Yoga on Playa Hermosa

The ‘beautiful beach', as the Spanish name suggests, is not only a key spot for experienced surfers—it's also a privileged place to practise yoga.

Costa Rica's motto (‘Pura Vida', the ‘Good Life') is not an empty phrase. It is a philosophy that encourages the enjoyment of life while respecting the environment and staying connected to the generous and fabulous nature of this small country. It is therefore not surprising that yoga is easily implanted in this context, imported by surfers who practise Zen when they're not riding the ocean's rollers.

The eight-kilometre Playa Hermosa is a perfect cocoon for taking yoga classes with your feet in the sand, meditating on the view of the Pacific horizon. Or you can go there for a retreat at, for example, the Vida Asana Retreat Center, an eco-resort submerged under tropical vegetation, directly above the beach.

Playa Hermosa
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