Wirtshaus Maximilian, modern food in a traditional Bavarian inn

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Wirtshaus Maximilian, modern food in a traditional Bavarian inn

Near the Isar River in Munich, Wirtshaus Maximilian offers Bavarian gastronomy with a modern twist in a folkloric setting.

With an old-school, almost tacky red and white sign, Wirsthaus Maximilian looks exactly like a typical Bavarian tavern. The inn – Wirsthaus in German – reveals a quaint atmosphere, between the huge fireplace that welcomes visitors, the local beers, inviting and comforting food as well as all staff dressed in period clothing. Folklore is being perpetuated yet modernised: you will not find any hunting trophies on the walls, but a much more contemporary design, with a black wooden counter and a stripped-down decoration. The menu follows on that trend, offering traditional recipes with a twist. The Bavarian style is greatly influenced by Austrian gastronomy, and especially the Tyrol region. Indulge in schnitzels from Munich made from veal fillets, and served with potatoes, lettuce and cranberries, or the Alpensau, which is pork belly in cream and beer. This is proof that tradition and modernity can go hand in hand!

Wirtshaus Maximilian
Westermühlstraße 32
80469 Munich

+49 89 7404 0854


Menu: around 28 EUR