White Nights Festival: when the sun never sleeps

White Nights Festival: when the sun never sleeps

In summer, days stretch out until night no longer exists, and parties go on till dawn.

On the 60th parallel north, the city of Saint Petersburg is below the Arctic Circle, but not by much. This location allows it to enjoy, around the June 21st summer solstice, very short nights.

A diffuse light remains around the clock as the sun barely slips below the horizon. After the long, cold, and snowy winter, and the short spring, the White Nights reawaken the population. Everyone goes out and frequents the cafes, strolls along the banks of the Neva River, or attends one of the many festivals or other artistic experiences.

Every night, the city comes alive. This period, which lasts from late May to mid-July, is very popular with tourists so book your hotel and theatre tickets well in advance.