Wadi Rum, a little bit of Arabia

Wadi Rum, a little bit of Arabia

One of the most beautiful deserts in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ‘Valley of the Moon' will transport you out of time.

Made famous by the film Lawrence of Arabia, the desert of Wadi Rum is the territory of the Bedouins, virtually untouched by civilisation. The road ends after the Wadi Rum Village and the desert takes its course. On the horizon, ochre sand and wind-sculpted cliffs ignite at sunset.
Accompanied by a guide, travel in a 4x4 that makes several stops to get a true feel for the desert. With each kilometre, the landscapes unfold, leaving immutable memories to all who set foot in these arid valleys. In the evening, at sunset, share a meal with Bedouins, who will tell you their story. After a night under the stars, you will have the feeling of having lived a unique experience, and it is perhaps this that is the essence of travel.