Visit Rem Koolhaas' library

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Visit Rem Koolhaas' library

This major architectural work has helped to revitalize the city centre.

In just a few years, the Seattle Public Library has become one of the city's strong symbols. Inaugurated in 2004, this splendid glass and steel building is the work of Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who also designed the Casa da Música in Porto and the China Central Television headquarters in Beijing. While the exterior is reminiscent of a contemporary art sculpture, the interior appears to pay tribute to the Egyptian pyramids: a maze of galleries lined with bookshelves (with over a million books available) leads visitors to the reading rooms flooded with light emerging from the monumental glass roof.
Partially financed by Bill Gates, the library – whose building meets the city's strict environmental standards – does not require any prior registration. Up to you to freely enjoy its wealth. Since its opening, the Public Library has been a huge success and its visitor rate remains strong. It must be said that Seattle is considered to be one of the most literary cities in the United States.

Seattle Public Library
1000 4th Avenue
98104 Seattle

+1 206 386 4636