Versailles, or the splendour of 17th century France

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Versailles, or the splendour of 17th century France

Welcome to Versailles, a masterpiece of French expertise and in its time, a showcase for the power and magnificence of the Sun King.

Situated 20 kilometres south east of Paris and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Palace of Versailles demonstrates the ambition of Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King and Louis the Great, to make this palace the symbol of France's political, economic, and cultural power. The prestige of the palace lies in the opulence of the State Apartments of the King and Queen, among other splendours. They are connected to each other by the dazzling Hall of Mirrors.

Outside, visit the Grand Trianon and Marie Antoinette's estate to get an intimate sense of what the most famous queen of the era was like. Finally, enjoy the exceptional castle gardens, designed by Le Notre. The Musical Fountains Show and Night Fountains Show on Saturdays from late March to November attract more than 10,000 spectators.

Even more exquisite is the Royal Opera of Versailles, designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel and the perfect place to listen to French composers. With its immaculate Baroque references and central fresco painted by Louis-Jacques Durameau (showing Apollo distributing crowns to the Muses), these days it welcomes audiences to enjoy an outstanding programme of music from Rameau to Lully. There is so much to see in this royal estate that you will want to spend a day here.

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