Trishaw tour: discover Singapore aboard a traditional vehicle

Trishaw tour: discover Singapore aboard a traditional vehicle

An experience combining cultural tradition, discovery, and anecdotes.

A comfortable ride aboard one of these traditional taxis will take you into the very heart of everyday Singaporean life.

Before the modernisation of Singapore, trishaws (three-wheeled vehicles with pedals) were the most common means of transport, and it is still common to see them roaming the streets in some Asian countries. Find your driver-guide at Albert Mall Trishaw Park, take a seat, and get ready for some 30 minutes of discovery. Aboard the trishaw, you'll travel into the heart of the most effervescent neighbourhoods of Singapore Bugis and Little India. Your guide will regale you with historical anecdotes. Flower merchants, fortune-tellers, markets full of colourful fruits and vegetables you are fully immersed in local life.

Choose the option that includes the Singapore River if you want a bit of fresh air, and check out the impressive buildings lining the waterway.

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1 North Bridge Road
15-06, High Street Centre

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