Townhouse Gallery, on the cutting edge of art

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Townhouse Gallery, on the cutting edge of art

First independent gallery in Egypt, Townhouse remains true to its reputation and avant-garde activism. Open your eyes!

Created by William Wells in 1998 in order to promote contemporary Egyptian art, Townhouse Gallery has since worked closely with regional and international institutions and cultural operators. In particular, it has enabled many emerging artists to gain recognition across borders.

This atypical place, between an exhibition space and cultural foundation, is nestled in a former 19th century residence in the heart of Downtown Cairo. This is where the most popular art openings take place. Also an artist residency, a theatre rehearsal and filming venue, this visual arts platform offers themed events for adults and children.

The natural charm of dry brick walls will lure you in: a bit rundown on the outside, a tad industrial inside, this house stimulates curiosity.

After admiring the works displayed in the first room, tour the specialised library and beautiful shop that contains very inspired treasures: books, local crafts, jewellery, you will want to bring everything home!

Townhouse Gallery
3 Hussein Basha Al Meamari, Marouf, Qasr an Nile
Cairo Governorate

+20 (0)2 2576 8086