The Whippet Coffee, South Africa on New York time

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The Whippet Coffee, South Africa on New York time

Near Johannesburg, The Whippet Coffee gives coffee some class, drawing inspiration from Brooklyn's coffee houses.

The decoration is stylish and stripped-down, with an industrial feel, large windows and ceiling pendants, wooden furniture, plants scattered around, a brick terrace… In Linden, small city close to Johannesburg, The Whippet Coffee ticks all the right boxes of New York trendy coffee houses. This unabashed hipster side is not limited to the decoration: the establishment carefully selects the coffee and tea added to the menu, and it brings a world of pastries to the counter. So much so that there is little room left for anything else but muffins, croissants, peanut butter pies and other enormous homemade cakes sliced all day long! From breakfast onward, coffee lovers order americanos, served with scrambled eggs, grilled sausages and potato cakes. Others will favour afternoon teatime, best enjoyed comfortably sitting on a sofa.

The Whippet Coffee
34 7th Street
Randburg 2104

+27 (0)61 512 1373

Menu: coffee from 23 ZAR