The Venice Biennale: an international success

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The Venice Biennale: an international success

Every two years, Venice becomes the vanguard for contemporary creation.

In odd-numbered years, Venice forgets its magnificent past to invent the future. According to its curator, who changes with each edition, it was an ‘Encyclopaedic Palace' in 2013, and a reflection on ‘All the World's Futures' in 2015.

The headquarters of this contemporary event is the Guardini. It is here, in these splendid English gardens that 28 pavilions of the founding countries and the artists they present are installed. A victim of its success, the Biennale has expanded, taking possession of the Arsenale, and then, little by little, in ‘off' mode, it has infiltrated palaces and museums, and is even seen on some small islands like La Certosa and Sant'Elena.

Though some of its biases are, at times, considered extreme, what matter does it make, as long as modernity is honoured and celebrated? Because Venice is a party!

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