The Tower of London, between history, legends and traditions

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The Tower of London, between history, legends and traditions

Facing Tower Bridge on the right bank of the Thames, this medieval fort remains the quintessential testimony of British royalty.

Discover England's history by exploring the Tower of London. Built in the 1100's, this medieval fortress has been very little modified since the 15th century and is now listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. As a symbol of British power, it is still the official palace of the Queen of England - even though the last sovereign who ever lived there was James I, some 400 years ago… Domineering the collective unconscious, from The Musketeers to Sherlock Holmes, the Tower of London holds many legends that you will discover throughout the guided tour. At the centre of the fortress, the 27-metre high keep called the White Tower is linked to more than a few ghost stories: among other things, it was a prison for political prisoners (Elisabeth I was jailed there) and religious nonconformists. Today, it holds the Crown Jewels, the centrepieces of which being the Saint Edward's Crown, set with 444 precious stones, and the Sceptre with Cross. These treasures are heavily guarded by yeomen warders, guards dressed in red and black who are veterans in the British Armed Forces. Do not miss the discreet ceremony of the keys, at exactly seven minutes to 10 p.m. This seven-century-old ritual of about a dozen minutes is suffused with tradition.

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