The Sturebadet Baths: a Nordic spa

The Sturebadet Baths: a Nordic spa

You know about saunas and Swedish massages, but maybe not about Sami treatments, a wellness speciality of northern Sweden.

Legend has it that Greta Garbo came here. Its Art Nouveau interior with a hint of Moorish influence goes against the current trend for ultra-design spas.

Created in 1885 by Carl Curman, a doctor who wanted to convert Stockholmers to holistic therapies for health and wellness, the Sturebadet baths offer sophisticated vitality techniques that mix East and West. Instead of saunas and the many varieties of Swedish massage, try the Sami treatment. Guests undress in a teepee, and alternate between exfoliation and 39°C heat, followed by a long massage with essence of birch oil. Birch has detoxifying properties.

You will leave completely spruced up and full of incredible energy!

Sturegallerian 36
114 46 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 545 015 00