The Royal Automobile Museum: the dream of a king

The Royal Automobile Museum: the dream of a king

This is one of the world's finest private collections of cars and motorcycles. The many historical, rare, and mythical models trace the passion and reign of King Hussein.

Car buffs will adore this elegant temple. Sixty-five automobiles and as many motorcycles are cleverly exhibited along a path that traces King Hussein's (1935-1999) vibrant worship of speed and exceptional vehicles. You'll wander among extraordinary cars like the royal blue Lincoln Capri that led Hussein to his coronation, the Cadillac offered to him by Eisenhower, as well as his many Porsches and Ferraris.
This journey through time also includes a replica of a 1915 Rolls Royce that once belonged to Lawrence of Arabia. A 1952 Aston Martin will also capture your attention, as will the amazing design of the amphibious car. The Harley-Davidson models shine under the admiring eyes of young and old. Sweet dreams in perspective...

Al Madina At Tibbiyya (Royal Automobile Museum)
King Hussein Park
P.O. Box 2003
Amman 11953

+962 6 541 1392