The Medina of Tunis: a pure joy

The Medina of Tunis: a pure joy

An authentic site, full of culture, for a unique promenade in an unforgettable medina.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Tunis medina, the historic centre of Tunis is among the most important treasures of the Islamic world. Built in the 7th century around the Zaituna Mosque, the old town is home to no less than 670 monuments including palaces, mansions, mosques, zaouias, madrasahs, and even mausoleums.

The area offers an impressive selection of elements of Muslim urbanism with fabulous ruins and typical decoration. With its many rustic buildings, some in disrepair, and its narrow and bustling streets, the medina is full of exceptional areas to explore. Enter through the main gate, Bab el Bahr or the ‘Gate of the Sea', which symbolizes the end of the new city and the beginning of the medina.

Lose yourself in its twists and turns before reaching the many souks: the perfumers, fez manufacturers, fabric and cotton vendors, goldsmiths, saddlers, blacksmiths, and dyers. Barter away for the treasures you'd like to take home!

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