The Maasai Ostrich Farm, among the ostriches

The Maasai Ostrich Farm, among the ostriches

Looking for a unique experience? A stay in this ostrich farm will leave you with unforgettable memories!

These birds! They can taunt you and then run away very fast (at no less than 65 kilometres per hour, making them the fastest bipeds in the world). But when you return from your trip, you will be a sensation, when you tell stories of your stay in this unique place located in the heart of Happy Valley.
The Maasai Ostrich Farm, a simple and rustic place, retains the appearance of the ranch that this domain held in the past. You will sleep in one of five double rooms (with wooden beds and plaid blankets), or in one of ten tents carefully placed around the lake. The Honeymoon Tent and the Clouds Tent both have Jacuzzis with breathtaking views of the water and flamingos!

Maasai Ostrich Farm
P.O Box 24742-00502

+254 726 464546 

Rooms: from 8,880 KES