Futuristic meeting at Santralistanbul

Futuristic meeting at Santralistanbul

Often compared to the Tate Modern and its Turbine Hall in London, Santralistanbul has been set up in a rehabilitated power plant.

After having housed the first power plant of the Ottoman Empire and supplied electricity to the Turkish capital from 1911 to 1983, this 118,000 sqm industrial building was converted into not one but two museums: the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Energy. In addition, the vast building welcomes several other places to discover as you walk about, such as an amphitheatre and a concert hall.

The bar-restaurant is located in a former control centre, from where you will use the dizzying staircase down to the engine room. The Energy Museum is entirely dedicated to the history of electricity and gives you an opportunity to learn and have fun with experiments. Enjoy the shows, concerts – notably in jazz, various performances, debates, workshops and meet artists in this unique location, one of the most eclectic of the whole city.

Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santrali
Kazim Karabekir Caddesi n°2
34060 Eyüp Istanbul

+90 212 311 78 78