The Gulf of Naples, land of fire and water

The Gulf of Naples, land of fire and water

A maritime treasure opening onto the Tyrrhenian sea, the Gulf of Naples extends to the Sorrento peninsula. A little visit of the Campania region, perfumed by volcanic scents.

You can have a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples from Miseno just outside of Naples, a former Roman military port that became a holiday destination for wealthy members of the Empire. Lined by the light-coloured facades of Neapolitan houses, the gulf extends its sapphire waters all the way to the foot of Mount Vesuvius, dormant since its last eruption in 1944. Escape from Naples and its incessant tumult,and take the boat to Ischia or Procida (showcasing their blue caves) or the road to the Sorrento Peninsula then a ferry to the touristy yet gorgeous island of Capri. Contemplate, with the sweet sound of cicadas, the wild inlets with terraces, villas and castles hidden behind the green foliage of lemon trees and vines. Though silent, Vesuvius is eyeing you with its fiery gaze. Campania, dotted with charming little villages and rich Mediterranean vegetation, immerses you in the history and traditions of one of the most beautiful regions of the country.

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