The Grand Mosque of Dakar: an impressive structure

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The Grand Mosque of Dakar: an impressive structure

With its green-and-white tiled roof and a minaret reaching more than 67 metres, the Dakar Grand Mosque is spread out over thousands of square metres.

Built through the collaboration of French and Moroccan architects, the Grande Mosquée de Dakar, translated Grand Mosque of Dakar, is a tribute to Algerian Berbers. Due to the timing of the inauguration in 1961, just after independence, it has an exterior that is less ostentatious and more sober than its cousins to the East. However, past its eastern archways, the cobbled interior will soon reward your curiosity. The vast inner courtyard opens to the sky and, indeed, offers a haven of privileged meditation for Dakar Muslims.

The silhouettes of those who pass under the galleries may be students at the Islamic school next door.

Grand Mosque of Dakar
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