The Fontenay, spearhead of modern tourism

high end
The Fontenay, spearhead of modern tourism

In Hamburg, The Fontenay offers high end stays in gorgeous and fascinating setting.

Located on the west bank of the Alster Lake, The Fontenay stands out from the urban landscape with its singular architecture, the curvy structure and fluidity of its lines mirroring the water it faces. Surrounded by a 10,000 sqm park, the hotel reveals unobstructed views that can be enjoyed from every single room's balcony: the lake, the nearby greenery or the city – second largest in Germany – depending on your choice. There, luxury can be felt in every detail, from the large 27-metre high atrium adorned with a huge chandelier to the custom-made furniture adapted to the building's rather original dimensions. The rooms, in which you will find original wooden flooring, showcase a classic style with a resolutely modern touch. Finally, the last floor of the hotel shelters the Lakeside rooftop restaurant, run by starred-Swiss chef Cornelius Speinle. A gigantic spa with infinity pool is also available on the premises, from where you can enjoy unforgettable vistas onto the city. A true gem at the heart of the “German Venice”.

The Fontenay
Fontenay 10
20354 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 6056 6

Rooms: from 320 EUR