The Fifteen Keys Hotel, chic and minimalist hideaway

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The Fifteen Keys Hotel, chic and minimalist hideaway

Elegance and discretion meet at the heart of the Fifteen Keys Hotel for an invigorating Italian stay.

Located halfway between Rome's Termini station and the Forum, The Fifteen Keys Hotel is the trendiest establishment in the Italian capital right now. Exposed stone walls, high white ceilings, vintage armchairs and period lamps all set the tone for an urban, charming and retro-feeling experience!
The 15 luxurious and stylish rooms have all been decorated with touches of blue and yellow, as well as modern and minimalistic furniture. Arum lilies, plants with large funnel-shaped white flowers exuding a delicious scent, have additionally been displayed in the rooms.
You will be able to have breakfast in the green and flowered courtyard of the hotel. Homemade pies, pastries, jams and various other sweet delights are available for you to try. When in Rome, do as Romans do: ask the hotel staff for the best local spots in order to discover another side of the city. You will not forget your stay at the Fifteen Keys Hotel anytime soon!

The Fifteen Keys Hotel
Via Urbana 6/7
00184 Roma

+39 06 4891 3446

Rooms: from 232 EUR