The Castell de Bellver praises the circle

The Castell de Bellver praises the circle

The castle of Bellver - or "castell de Bellver" in Catalan -, an amazing circular Gothic fortress, offers a splendid panorama on the Palma bay.

In the fourteenth century, when peace was secured between his kingdom and the crown of Aragon, James II of Mallorca decided to have his royal residence built in the shape of a circular fortress. Located on the Bosc de Bellver, a hill covered with pine trees, it is located three kilometres from the historic centre of Palma. Today, it has become a very important museum of archaeology, painting and numismatics – yet used to be a coin factory in the 19th century - this Gothic castle can be visited seven days a week. Notice its dungeon, which dominates a gigantic arms' courtyard on two floors, as well as its interior courtyard, built around a well, which hosts many cultural events. The arcades on the ground floor conceal Roman statues gifted by Cardinal Antonio Despuig y Dameto (1745-1813), a native of the island. The royal apartments are also worth a visit, but the most beautiful jewel of the castle is undoubtedly the panoramic view of the city, port and bay from its high walls.

Castell de Bellver
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