The Capitol, seat of US democracy

The Capitol, seat of US democracy

The heart of Washington. With its white marble, columns and dome, the Capitol is one of the best-known American symbols throughout the world.

At the top of the hill, the imposing Capitol, with its white columns flanked by two symmetrical wings and capped with a majestic dome, is the heart of American democracy. This is where presidents are inducted, and where members of the Senate and the House of Representatives vote on laws. A visit during a debate period is particularly interesting, provided you have booked a ticket in advance and arrive early on the appointed day. You will see the rotunda, which rises to 55 meters high, the National Statuary Hall, the Old Senate Chamber, and the crypt where George Washington and his wife would have been interred, had their families not opposed it.

The Congressional Chambers occupy the two wings of the building, the House of Representatives to the south, the Senate to the north. The Capitol is also the geographical core of Washington.

The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center
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