The Bocuse Brasseries, five universes in the City of Lights

The Bocuse Brasseries, five universes in the City of Lights

Wherever you are in Lyon, you are close to a Brasserie Bocuse. An opportunity to try his chefs' exceptional dishes.

Joined by their desire to offer modern and innovative cuisine, the duo Paul Bocuse and Jean Fleury launched in Lyon the adventure of the Bocuse Brasseries. The purchase of their first brasserie, Le Nord, in 1994, was followed by four others, spread out around the city, each with its own identity.

Le Nord (the North) revisits Lyon traditions with dishes such as chicken à la crème. Le Sud (the South) reminds you of the sun with its Mediterranean cuisine (aubergine caviar and vegetable tagine), while L'Est (the East) invites you to travel and highlights fish as the star attraction: marinated or grilled, the salmon and cod will delight you. As for the L'Ouest (the West), they look to islands, from the Antilles to Japan, and will hence allow you to taste dishes from all over. Finally, with its sunny terrace, Fond Rose will treat you to a crayfish bisque or duck filet.

Brasserie Le Nord
18, rue Neuve
69002 Lyon

Brasserie Le Sud
11, place Antonin Poncet
69002 Lyon

Brasserie L'Est
14, place Jules Ferry
69006 Lyon

Brasserie L'Ouest
1, quai du Commerce
69009 Lyon

Brasserie Fond Rose
25, chemin de Fond-Rose
69300 Caluire-et-Cuire

Menu: from 26.50 EUR