The Benaki Museum: a new era, new air

The Benaki Museum: a new era, new air

In addition to its archaeological and Islamic art collections, the Benaki Museum has built a new venue dedicated to contemporary Greek art.

Born in Alexandria and bred in Mediterranean culture, Antonis Benakis created a significant collection over a lifetime that he donated to the Greek State. Opened in 1931, the museum that bears his family name was re-opened in 2000 in the family home in Syntagma. But it is in the industrial brownfield of Gazi that its annex, devoted to contemporary art, was opened in 2004. Built around a large courtyard, a tribute to the Mediterranean habitat, the building offers the largest contemporary Greek collection. In addition to installations by Cosmas Xenakis and Zafos Xagoraris, and a recent tribute to Melina Mercouri, it hosts the Athens Photo Festival every summer in June and July. This event is the largest dedicated to the image in this part of Europe, including the Balkans. If you are in Athens at that time, do not miss it. The young Greek photographers, who are highly original and creative, deserve to be better known.

Benaki Museum
Pireos 138 & Andronikou
118 54 Athens

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