The ancient Portuguese city of El Jadida

The ancient Portuguese city of El Jadida

A true gem of military architecture, this fortified city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the best-preserved Portuguese city on the coast.

Located 90 kilometres from Casablanca, the city formerly called Mazagan became El Jadida in 1815. Built by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century, this stronghold was a prosperous city and the last refuge for the Portuguese before fleeing to Brazil in 1769. Many vestiges of this remarkably preserved city remain today, including four of the five original bastions, which you can explore via a walkway with superb views. The bastion of the Angel has a panoramic view of the city, the beaches, and the sea.

Visit the Chapel of the Inquisition, near the San Sebastian bastion, and the Portuguese cistern built in 1514. The latter is an underground room, supported by five rows of columns and illuminated by a central skylight. It is a magical setting, which has appeared in several films, including the famous Othello by Orson Welles. Finish your walk by heading to the new city. If you have time, go for a swim at SidiBouzid Beach.

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