Tales and legends at the Leprechaun museum

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Tales and legends at the Leprechaun museum

In the heart of Dublin, the National Leprechaun Museum invites you to discover a small creature, a symbol of the country

There are many Irish legends that tell the story of this little red-bearded, green-haired being. Smoking a pipe and wearing a shoemaker's apron, he cautiously watches over his cauldron of gold coins at the foot of a rainbow, promising fortune to the most acquisitive among us. Behind his grumpy and marginal personality, this fantastical character conceals his cunning!

At the National Leprechaun Museum, guided tours explore the mythical creatures of Ireland: leprechauns, elves and unicorns captivate you with magical stories and enchanting fables. Take part in the folklore of the island in this very first attraction devoted to Irish mythology. Your child within will appreciate the visit!

National Leprechaun Museum
Jervis Street
Dublin 1

+353 (0)1 873 3899