Steer a course to the heart of the city's wonders

Steer a course to the heart of the city's wonders

See the city from a completely different perspective and enjoy the cultural treasures along the Singapore River.

Climb aboard this charming electric boat designed according to tradition, and voyage through Singaporean history. Navigating the Singapore River provides a real understanding of the capital, which was built around the harbour, and its very dynamic evolution.

Enjoy the quiet of the trip, the quality of service, and an unparalleled perspective on the city. Be guided by your imagination and travel back to Singapore a century ago, when workers and sailors were busy loading and unloading trading ships at Boat Quay. In 1860, over three quarters of the world's merchant seamen passed through this place. On the water and its lively docks, modern Singapore is now unveiled before your eyes. Admire the details of the Helix Bridge, built in the form of DNA, before you immerse yourself in the magnificent Marina Bay. At night, the bridges and docks sparkle under the coloured lights.

For those seeking a more intimate approach, choose a Duffy boat, an option that offers a similar trip, but for small groups only. Ideal for a romantic evening or a business cocktail.

Singapore River Cruise
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