Space Center Houston: “Apollo, do you read me?”

Space Center Houston: “Apollo, do you read me?”

The Space Center takes you behind the scenes of NASA programs. Learn about space exploration, the life of astronauts who changed the game and projects for our future.

As soon as you enter Mission Control, you find yourself plunged in the 1960s, golden age of the American Space Program. President Kennedy had expressed his wish to see man walk on the moon, and funded a space program for the first astronaut to do so to be American. Mission accomplished!

The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is located about 18 miles from Houston. Built in 1962, it serves as ground control for human space flight programs. 30 years later, the centre opened part of its facilities to the general public.

In this place, unique in the world, you can admire a wonderful collection of moon rocks and lunar samples, and even witness the preparation astronauts go through in a huge swimming pool that reproduces the conditions of space travel. You can also discover the latest technical innovations that may, some day, allow man to set foot on Mars.

Space Center Houston
1601 NASA Road 1
77058 Houston

+1 281 244 2100