Six d.o.g.s., the headquarters for young Athenians

live entertainment bar - terrace
Six d.o.g.s., the headquarters for young Athenians

Concert halls to party in and, at the foot of a staircase, a café in a large garden.

Go down a narrow alley to get to this landmark of Athenian night life in the Monastiráki neighbourhood. You cannot miss it, its name flashes in lights on the front.

As you enter, you find yourself in a trendy rock bar, then as you go further you discover a second bar with electronic music. You cannot go wrong, as you will easily recognize fans of this or that music by their look. Between the two are stairs leading not to a cellar but an amazing terrace. You arrive in a garden, an oasis of green and oxygen in the heart of urbanity. There is a bar, wooden tables, and hammocks that almost give you the impression of being at the beach.

Depending on the time of day, the waiting staff will bring you iced tea or cocktails, salads and soups, plus a hot dog menu. In addition to the concerts held upstairs, you might also end up here with friends until the end of the night. Alternatively, try out one of the dance or visual arts performances.

Six d.o.g.s
Avramiotou 6-8
105 51 Athens

+30 210 321 0510

Menu: around 5 EUR