Sigmund Freud Museum : In the footsteps of psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud Museum : In the footsteps of psychoanalysis

Freud lived in Vienna for decades and you can visit his house. He treated his patients and also wrote many of his influential books in there.

It is here, on two floors of an elegant building, where the inventor of psychoanalysis lived and received his patients between 1891 and 1938, before being rushed into exile in England under the pressure of Nazism.

He died in London the following year. Sigmund Freud had his office in the family apartment. One of his best-known books, The Interpretation of Dreams, was written in this apartment. A museum was built in the 1970s with the help of Anna, his youngest daughter.

On display are some furniture, personal items, letters, books, and antiques, though, unfortunately, the couch is only a copy, the original having remained in London.

Sigmund Freud Museum
Berggasse 19
1090 Vienna

Tel : +43 (0)1 319 1596