Shiro's Sushi at the height of Japanese cuisine

Shiro's Sushi at the height of Japanese cuisine

The chef boasts ancestral Tokyo traditions in the creation of his menus.

The quality of the cuisine brought by Chef Shiro Kashiba since 1991 has made Shiro's Sushi one of Seattle's hottest restaurants. He has known how to bring the most of Japanese gastronomy while adopting certain customs of the region with a delicate touch.
Shiro Kashiba's secret lies in the elaboration of ancient recipes enhanced by the perfection of selected products such as hay-smoked albacore tuna, sweet onion and shiso leaf.
While the chef is now retired from the daily life of the restaurant, he has handed over supervision to Jun Takai, who carries forth the work of the master with passion. A dinner at Shiro's Sushi also allows you to discover edomae, a part of traditional Japanese cuisine, made using marinades, salting and steaming. Taste the chef's speciality, the black cod, boiled then grilled to perfection, a real treat!

Shiro's Sushi
2401 2nd Avenue
98121 Seattle

+1 206 443 9844

Menu: around 80 USD