Set a course for the seabed

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Set a course for the seabed

Observe the deep without ever getting wet by hoping on board a glass-bottomed boat. Let the reef's beauty surprise you!

As you leave Mahé's shores, you reach the depths of the Indian Ocean… without even dipping one toe in water. Enjoy exceptional views on the Seychelles seabed as the glass bottom of your boat reveals the breathtaking spectacle of a unique kind of ecosystem, inhabited by species often unknown to most tourists. Zebrafishes and whale sharks swim in harmony amid the intact reefs of a wonderful world. Seychelles draw a lot of their attraction power from their enchanting reputation. On board the Teddy's Glass Bottom Boat, the blue waters and marine life have never been that close. Join the warm and friendly crew for an exotic kind of excursion, filled with emotions. If you feel like it, take advantage and give scuba diving a try in that same environment. The best way to fully explore the coral reef.

Teddy's Glass Bottom Boat
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