Sea view and a twist on Indian gastronomy at Masti

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Sea view and a twist on Indian gastronomy at Masti

The new and trendy La Mer district in Dubai adds a restaurant to its roster: Masti modernises Indian cuisine in a colourful and hip setting.

With royal blue bench seats, braided cushions and vintage toad armchair, a bar with flower motif and coloured stained-glass, Masti's universe is a perfect fit for social network enthusiasts. Spread over two floors, this modern and trendy canteen overlooks the sea. On the tables, dishes inspired by Indian gastronomy pile up in a spirit of sharing in keeping with the trend of tapas eating. The age-old recipes inherited from the Indian subcontinent are revisited with a modern twist, and sometimes even a slight touch of molecular gastronomy. Comfortably seating on the wooden terrace, with Dubai's skyline in the background, order a few shrimp served with sundried tomatoes, lentils, spicy beetroot croquettes and kale chips. Unless you would rather opt for the traditional biryani with yet another twist. After dinner, the night goes on in the lounge area, where you will find a large collection of gins. Then, you will grasp why the Hindi word “masti” means “bag of tricks”.

La Mer

+971 (0)4 344 4384

Menu: around 225 AED