Saison, gastronomy on a fire hearth

Saison, gastronomy on a fire hearth

Fire is the little plus of chef Joshua Skenes at the head of San Francisco's Saison restaurant with three Michelin stars.

“Cooking elevated to an art form”. This is how the Michelin Guide defines Chef Skenes' style. Saison is without a doubt the star restaurant in San Francisco today. In a minimalist atmosphere reminiscent of Scandinavia, the chef works daily to serve seasonal cuisine (indeed Saison means ‘season' in French). The flavours are both refined and powerful, and these modern dishes are enhanced by their cooking over a wood fire.

The establishment is worthy of the greatest French restaurants. In the kitchen, the brass pots dash here and there; in the dining room, the waiters explain each dish, each ingredient and each wine that accompanies them. On the menu there is caviar, chicken, veal, beef and shellfish, but you will only see the dishes when they arrive at your table, the chef likes to keep his secret garden. Choose the tasting menu that will provide a good example of his know-how. The next day you can boast of having had dinner at the best restaurant on the west coast.

178 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

+1 415 828 7990

Menu: around 150 USD