Römerberg: the historic centre of Frankfurt

Römerberg: the historic centre of Frankfurt

Tourist central, this has also been the heart of the city since the 13th century. A lively, traditional quarter filled with older buildings.

The Römerberg, which means 'Mount of the Romans', is the oldest part of the city. Start your tour at the main square, the Römerplatz, where the town hall has proudly sat since 1405, perfectly aligned with its colourful half-timbered houses nearby.

The cathedral is here, too, and, in the middle of the square, the fountain of justice. Some of the buildings destroyed during the Second World War have been rebuilt almost identically to their former selves. The square has been a place of commerce since the early 11th century. The tradition continues today with the annual Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's most important publishing event.

From this strategic location, you can continue to the Eiserner Steg the ‘Iron Footbridge' across the Main, which will lead you to the Sachsenhausen area and its many taverns.

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