Residenza Napoleone III: travel back in time

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Residenza Napoleone III: travel back in time

A baroque splendour is hidden behind a door at 56 Via Fontenalla Borghese, a treasure trove of opulence and refinement as romantic as it is exclusive.

Napoleon III lived in this 16th-century palace between 1830 and 1831. Now it's your turn, at least for a few nights. Staying at the Residenza Napoleone III is an enchanting experience, a full immersion in an environment of ultra-refinement, and in a past steeped in history.

The three adjoining rooms are unbelievably sumptuous, with incredibly high painted ceilings, monumental marble fireplaces, armchairs in brocade and embroidered silk, and majestic draped velvet curtains cascading onto inlay floors. Skylights and beautiful bed canopies welcome your sweetest dreams and, in the morning, breakfast is served on silver trays. Everything is simply royal, or, should we say… ‘imperial'.

Residenza Napoleone III
Palazzo Ruspoli
Via Fontanella Borghese 56
00186 Roma

+39 347 7337098

Rooms: from 628 EUR