Rediscover relaxation at Hotel Long Beach

Rediscover relaxation at Hotel Long Beach

At the sight of this little gem, you won't resist the temptation to bask in the sun.

If paradise exists, you will find it in this seaside resort of Canoa Quebrada at Hotel Long Beach. Just 350 metres from the beach, this little gem offers ideal peace and relaxation. Set down your suitcases in this charming place and let yourself steep in serenity. The spacious rooms are perfectly equipped and a gym, massage room and everything you need for your well-being are also provided. The staff is caring and at your service. Try out a horse ride or a buggy adventure. Jump into the pool, the centrepiece of this peaceful haven, for long hours of relaxation or try out the bed-like loungers and hammocks while listening to a live orchestra in front of the water.

Hotel Long Beach
Rua Quatro Ventos s/n
Praia de Canoa Quebrada
Aracati - CE 62800-000
+55 88 3421 9700

Rooms: from 300 BRL