Punta Uvita: a meeting place for humpback whales

Punta Uvita: a meeting place for humpback whales

Most of the year, the huge whales migrate south along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. From land or boat, meeting these marine mammals is magical.

This is somehow a predestined spot: the shape of the small peninsula of Punta Uvita looks like a whale's tail. Humpbacks come just off the point to breed or give birth to calves in ideal waters, as the temperature is fairly constant, reaching 28 degrees Celsius! These visits last almost all year except in May and June: from December to April, they arrive in the northern hemisphere and from July to October, they go back to Antarctica. Given this near-constant migration, the area has been protected since 1989 with the creation of the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, the country's first marine park. You can observe these 40-tonne creatures from the Pacific coast or approach them by boat (not too close though) during excursions organised by various agencies in the region. What a thrill to hear the love song of whales and see them jumping out of the ocean and falling back, slamming their gigantic tails in the waves!

Punta Uvita
Península de Osa
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