Pittaki Street, from the shadows and into the light

Pittaki Street, from the shadows and into the light

From gloomy narrow street to bubbling alleyway, Pittaki Street was transformed in the best possible way. It shows Athens' plural identity and has become a must-see.

Pittaki Street's transformation is the result of a collaboration between the Imagine the City association and the Beforelight creative studio, with the joint will to fluidify car-free traffic in the Psyrí neighbourhood. Thus, they turned this charmless industrial alley into a must-see for budding photographers. Together, the two organisations collected old lampposts from shop owners all around Athens, in order to light up the dark recesses of the narrow street: Chinese lanterns, metal lamps, floral lampshades, chandeliers and stained-glasses… The variety of materials used stylishly and elegantly reflects the multicultural identity of the Greek capital.

Now a must-see area for passing visitors, Pittaki Street is a major hangout for budding and professional photographers alike, playing out all sorts of contrasts between the shops' colourful facades, the walls' pastel hues and the diversity of lighting levels supplied by a generous city. What a successful makeover!

Pittaki Street
105 54 Athens