Pintauro, a love for puff pastry

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Pintauro, a love for puff pastry

Naples' historic bakery, Pintauro, creates sfogliatelle that are to die for. When "institution" rhymes with "passion".

Pushing open the door of Pintauro brings you 230 years back in time. Here, in this bakery all dressed in marble, is where the famous sfogliatella was born. A puff pastry cone, stuffed with vanilla- or cinnamon-flavoured ricotta, sfogliatella has done as much for Campania's recognition as the tomato or tarantella. Add some candied fruit, take a bite and look up to thank heaven for bringing you to Via Toledo.

Served hot or cold, the Pintauro's sfogliatelle compete for the title of best sfogliatelle in the city with those produced by Scaturchio (Piazza San Domenico Maggiore).

For over two centuries, foodies and fans of these sweets sprinkled with icing sugar, flood into this pastecerria. Take your pick between the rum baba, a ricotta-filled cannolo or zeppole stuffed with custard. You can never have too much of a good thing; greedily jump in line to reach your Holy Grail!

Via Toledo 275
80132 Napoli

+39 081 417 339

Menu: around 2,50 EUR for a sfogiatella