‘Pan tu nie stal, a 100% Polish souvenir

‘Pan tu nie stal, a 100% Polish souvenir

Get dressed up in the style of the Popular Republic of Poland.

With an ironic wink at the Communist era, Pan tu nie stal means ‘You weren't there, sir', a phrase repeated many times in the long line-ups of impatient clients waiting for stores with empty shelves to open. This brand of clothing and accessories is inspired from the typography and iconography of the communist era: T-shirts for children showing vintage tractors, bedspreads with traditional Polish dishes (and the famous pickle), dresses with dandelions and many slogans ‘updated' for amusement's sake—which are only funny if you read Polish! You can even find copies of ceramic glasses that were used in the popular canteens of the time. All of which is gently nostalgic for this lost time. Fascinated by design from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, two designers, Justyna Burzynska and Maciej Lebiedowicz, first had a blog before making their own line of T-shirts in their garage and finally launching a production line in Lodz. Today, Pan tu nie stal is one of the hippest of Polish brands.

Pan tu nie stal
Koszykowa 34/50
00-001 Warszawa

+48 887 887 772