Pan Deï Palais: discreet luxury, far from prying eyes

Pan Deï Palais: discreet luxury, far from prying eyes

This Saint-Tropez manor house was home to General Allard, commander of the troops of the Maharaja of Lahore, who lived here with his wife, the princess Pan Dei from India.

Apart from the copper plaque on the carved door, nothing hints at the existence of this quiet place, which has a gorgeous flower garden and a delightful turquoise swimming pool. Canopies, curtains, quilts, kilims, and archways participate in the intimacy of the Oriental decor and the comfort of the 12 rooms and suites.

An exclusive intimacy presides in this corner of paradise by day, making it ideal for a couple or family. But in the evening, from 7:00 p.m. on, the bar turns into a lounge, and the pool is cleverly converted into a dance floor. The cocktails are delicious and the international wine list very well chosen. At lunch, the chef Renaud Capelle serves a successful combination of Asian flavours and local ingredients.

Pan Deï Palais
52, rue Gambetta
83990 Saint-Tropez

+33 (0)4 94 17 71 71

Rooms: from 225 EUR