Pacifico, nightlife pioneer in Beirut

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Pacifico, nightlife pioneer in Beirut

An institution of the Monot Street opened in the 1990s, Pacifico remains just as popular, for both cocktails and a Latino atmosphere.

Former prerequisite location for night owls in the capital, Monot Street has seen festive spots progressively close in favour of other neighbourhoods. And yet, Pacifico, emblem of the glory days, remains just as attractive as it was. A pioneer of Lebanese nightlife in the late 20th century, this Mexican bar is definitely a must in the Achrafieh district. With bright red and pale yellow walls, wooden fans and South American decoration, it won its reputation through the quality of its cocktails. The very large drink menu will please everybody, especially with the signature Margarita. Even non-alcoholic drinks show some originality: putting revisited classics aside, order a Rising Sun (cranberry and apple juices, lime, ginger and soda water) or a Leo's (orange juice, lime, homemade grenadine, almond syrup and soda water). Add a few Latin-Caribbean tapas and you will be ready for the sweetness of Beirut nights, amid a lush and green garden.

Monot Street

+961 (0)1 204 446

Menu: cocktails from 15,000 LBP