Pachacamac: an ancient citadel

Pachacamac: an ancient citadel

Far from the major streets of the city, certain places offer an opportunity to connect with the popular soul of Peru.

Some 30 km from the city centre, Pachacamac is one of the 43 districts of Lima. It is best known for its archaeological site, which, upon the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, was an Inca city of the first order.

You can visit, in a deserted neighbourhood, a succession of palaces and pyramid temples of adobe and stone, damaged by time. Excavations have uncovered monumental staircases. Those of the sun temple are impressive, and you can climb them to the top of the building. Although a 2007 earthquake has diminished the site, the Palacio de la Mamacuna has preserved a remarkable sculpted trapezoidal door in the Incan style.

On the way back to the small village of Pachacamac, take a moment at the charming Pisco Museum, before climbing a hill to the ‘Piedra del Amor' (Stone of Love) to make a wish.

Citadel of Pachacamac
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